Pet Odor Removal

Pet odor removalUnfortunately, carpet cleaning itself will be ineffective to fix urine odors. When urine is first deposited, it is in a neutral state. At this point it is easily removed by ordinary cleaning. However, once it is allowed to dry, it turns alkaline, and creates stain and odor problems. If left for months, it could damage the dyes in the fabric and the backing of carpets.

What can be done with pet odor problems? In addition to cleaning, we use the most advanced odor and stain remover available to professionals, which combines the power of natural oxygen with the biological power of odor modification to destroy odor. The following options use this advanced odor and stain treatment.

For severe odor: The only true 100% fix is replacement. The next best option for best results is a restoration cleaning. This involves disengaging the carpet, replacement of pad, sealing of the floor, cleaning of the carpet, and advanced odor and stain treatment. This method is the most effective way to save the carpet, but only recommended on newer carpet that is no longer accessible to pets.

For moderate odor: Our most popular method is a “deep surface” treatment. This process will reduce odor problems significantly without replacing pad or sealing the floor. Problem areas are saturated with the advanced odor and stain treatment, extracted, then cleaned. The object is to recreate the volume of urine exposed to the area to effectively get down deep to penetrate the odor, not just spray a surface deodorizer to the fibers only.


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