Carpet Repairs

Even the best carpet cleaning can’t fix the many blemishes your carpet may have.

Here are many of the repair services we offer:
Carpet Repairs Lake County OhioCarpet Repairs Lake County Ohio

Hole repairs: Burns, tears, and stains can be removed and replaced with a “bonded insert”. A donor piece of carpet is bonded into the area and is strong enough to endure years of vacuuming and cleaning. Donor pieces are preferably taken from scraps left over from installation, however, can be taken from closets or from under unmoved furniture if needed when necessary.

Stretching and reinstallation: We have found more than 90% of carpets installed have been done improperly. They look good for a couple years and in little time show signs of improper stretching. They develop ripples, which keep getting worse. The main reason is the installer used a “knee kicker” instead of a “power stretcher” to give it the proper tightness to last over the years. If you hire someone to stretch your carpet that uses a knee kicker, you will most likely need it stretched again and again. We will stretch your carpet with a power stretcher and do it right…like it should have been done in the first place.

Seam repairs: Old seam tape may need removed and new seam installed.

Fraying and loose carpet in entryways: A very common problem- this repair mostly depends on how long it has been “let go”. If it has just started, usually a simple stretch of the carpet is all that is needed. Other situations call for a hole repair in the area, and sometimes a replacement of the threshold that holds the carpet.

Carpet Repairs Mentor  OhioCarpet Repairs Mentor  Ohio
Berber repairs- there are two types of berber carpets, those that have runs in them, and those that will. Depending on where the repair is, a hole repair is usually the fix. Sometimes the situation can be stretched (entryways) .

Spot dying- we prefer to use a hole repair for bleach spots (especially larger areas). However, we do offer this service where a hole repair is not an option. Many types of carpets will not accept dyes and are difficult or impossible for a perfect match.


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